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अगर किसी व्यक्ति की accidental Loss of life होती है और वह व्यक्ति पिछले तीन साल से लगातार इनकम टैक्स रिटर्न फ़ाइल कर रहा था तो उसकी पिछले तीन साल की एवरेज सालाना इनकम की दस गुना राशि उस व्यक्ति के परिवार को देने के लिए सरकार बाध्य है ।

और ऐसे लपरवाह कर्मचारियो पर कारवाई करे .

Ex PM MM Singh rightly outlined all this in the parliament. I salute MM Singh. You can find other a great deal of channels to overcome black income with no creating starving commoners. If the specific situation continue as is and with no rest towards the plan shortly it is possible to anticipate disaster days and citizens will occupy the streets all over India.

At earlier many of the automobile documents will be to be pointed out down in sign-up as being a file and following being upgradiation from the method the info is currently to become upload on server in place of noting down in register Sir, you only say to whom I really should go now for assist And that i am been exhausted to run many times of this problem.

Reply Indian November twenty five, 2017 at seven:29 am BJP’s (MODI) demonization is often a beginning of Hitler rule in India. Just one nation a person political component 1 leader!! Who obtained in demonization –> All BJP brokers who could merely reduce their black money space for storing by changing a thousand rs notes to 2000 notes overnight (ex: Ambani, Adani, Jagon Mohan Reddy ex minister/MLA). Who shed the value –> Typical male who died in standing in ATM and bank Queues, all opposition parties who dropped their money storage right away. ALL Skipped ONE BASIC MATHEMATICS –> to create a strong tall Create, fist we'd like strong stones (states). By this demonization all states dropped their values and local area particular difficulties addressing abilities. Earning economically/politically bad states is same as a man with HIV (his immune technique is wrecked).

satya prasad October 23, 2017 at 10:20 am every one is seeking a quick strategy to do the points with out pursuing the rules that is the major problem for this region and this is supported by our weak govts sort the independence who did not created a solid leak proof technique just about every rule they manufactured they may have built loophole to escape that produced every one of the sections in the Modern society to grew to become masters in cheating and breaking The foundations as this spread it has arrived with diverse names like black income/corruption/crime so to prevent this kind monsters quite a few additional exercising has to happen and other people must suffer for foreseeable future excellent

But at present The proportion of corrupted individuals are all of the ranges like BPL (below poverty line). So Indians are struggling to digest this selection. But results of the selection will change the future of our country. I urge Indian persons to Believe and are available out from congress mentality.

we have been household of ur ae it engineers in rapdrp challenge sir we aren't getting salary since may .it can be quite challenging to handle our kids research and other costs plz sir kindly do something for us.

Reply Mithun November 25, 2016 at eight:29 pm Descent idea within the short-term – even though it is not likely the men and women in addition to the black money foods chain are afflicted, in the incredibly minimum, it’ll offer a solid blow to terrorists, Maoists, drug rackets other anti social rackets, and so forth. Lousy strategy in the long term Until adopted up by further more likewise drastic coverage changes.

These moves have also forced people to disclose their legally acquired cash and deposit it into banking companies. The depositors will make passions and simultaneously their money can be Harmless. This may also boost banking lifestyle among Indians and formalise here the economic climate.

Enable the many citizens unite and make sure that everyday living odds of long run generations usually are not impacted because of A read more few priviledged corrupt.

क्या हमारा हक़ नही है यहाँ पढ़ने का ,रहने का ? और प्रज्ञा केंद्र वाले बहूत बदमासी करते है अपनी मनमानी करते ,बदतमीजी करते है ,ऊपरी पैसा मांगते है ,पूरी जानकारी भी नही देते जो की आपके राज्ये में बहूत दुर्भग्यपूर्ण है ! अगर आपके द्वारा तुरंत उचित करवाई न हुई ,हमारे समस्या का समाधान न निकाला गया तो हम प्रधानमंत्री जी को भी लेटर लिखेंगे ।

As a consequence of this we are forced to depart in a very get more info unhealthy environment . And right after complaining to regraded authorities no step is becoming taken.

U r the sole person who has the data. Even RBI continues to be counting the notes.. Mahesh, no person is in opposition to black income. The one impact it experienced was on terrorist. There finance was drained.

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